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Big or Small, Fire Safety is for All – Including Our Pets!

The Dewees Island Public Safety Department is proud to now offer pet oxygen masks for our pets on the island!

The pet oxygen masks were graciously donated to our Public Safety Department by homeowners Diane and Alex Kliros.

Diane, pictured below with her two dogs, Annie and Rafa, expressed the importance of the masks considering the majority of our families on the island have a dog or a cat.

According to the New Holland Volunteer Fire Department in located in Aiken, South Carolina, over 40,000 dogs and cats are lost each year in house fires. In the unfortunate event of a fire, pets tend to look for a place to hide causing them to inhale smoke. Many of those pets who are rescued suffer from smoke asphyxiation. Although we never wish to encounter such a heartbreaking event of a fire, it is reassuring to know that our Public Safety Department is available onsite to assist us and our family members – even our furry ones!