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Beach Debris Container at Ancient Dunes

A beach debris collection container is now located at Ancients Dunes for your convenience for disposing of items collected during your walk.  This container has been in place for about 2 months now and appears to be about 50% effective in collecting the requested materials.  According to NOAA; beach debris is also known as marine debris which is defined as “any persistent solid material that is manufactured or processed and directly or indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally, disposed of or abandoned into the marine environment or the Great Lakes”.   Please use the beach debris collection container to dispose of items such as bits of Styrofoam, balloons, discarded water bottles, bottle caps, pieces of plastic & rope, etc.  Please click here to learn the most common marine debris items. If you would like to help to collect data on marine debris please download the CleanSwell app from the Ocean Conservancy.  Please remember when visiting the beach to pack home what you pack in and refrain from using the beach debris container for disposing of items from your beach gathering or dog waste bags.  Thank you for helping to keep the beach clean!


Lori Sheridan Wilson,
Environmental Program Director & ARB Coordinator