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Arts Council – Fish Art Display in the Huyler House

April 3, 2020

Dewees Island Arts Council

Report on Huyler House Exhibit

Dear Community,

Just two weeks ago today, some members of the Arts Council were busy gathering art of various kinds to complete the new exhibit that we were hanging in the Huyler House entitled Fish Art.  It is amazing what you can accomplish and maintain the 6’ required social distancing!  Jane Pasquini, Barbara McIntyre and I were an efficient group of 3 most of the time! We already knew that our Annual Meeting would be postponed and quickly learned that it would be modified to a virtual business session.  It was important to us to complete the exhibit; to prepare our Huyler House with a fresh exhibit of Fish Art.  Over the years, preparing for the Annual Meeting has brought out the best in our community.  And so it was this year.  Yes, it is always hard stressful work for our diligent staff, the Boards and the Committees. In the end it unites us with a sense of  accomplishment.

For the Arts Council it brings the joy and excitement of creativity. We reached out to owners to lend fish related paintings from their walls, pottery from their shelves, create new work especially for this show, encourage their children and grandchildren to become involved.  As always we had an outpouring of support. 

In early February we developed a fish migration theme for our Annual Meeting in support of DNR’s celebration of International Fish Migration Day.  You may remember our call to Kids and Grownups to participate in that educational effort.  Responses from our artists now hang in the Huyler House.  Some of the children’s art on display will subsequently be entered in the Global FishArt Children’s Initiative, although that Initiative like many events, has been moved forward.  It is gratifying to hear that parents are using the on-line materials from DNR, NOAA and Wildlife Forever, Inc. as resources for teaching the importance of world wide fresh water and global fish migration as a resource as they educate their children at home.

Below are a few pictures from the exhibit for you to enjoy.  Each piece of art work has a story: The large vibrate collage over the fireplace titled:  ‘Arla’s School of Fish’ uses cutouts from a workshop held in 2009 by Arla Jesson, created by Barbara McIntyre. The large oil painting of fish swimming in the sky over the piano:  ‘The Fish that Swallowed the Fish that Swallowed the Sun’ from an ancient myth in Michigan. A goal for me during these days of leisure, is to collect the stories to share.

Contributing to the show are: Anne Anderson, Sarah Asbill, Peter Cotton, Scottie Hoffman, 

John Lundeen, Bubber McAlhany, Finnely McLennon, Dot Munson, Tasse Little, Dave McIntyre, Barbara McIntyre, Jane Pasquini, Philip, David & Alexander Pasquini, Kathy Warren.  We missed displaying the beautiful pieces from other owners who offered their art for the exhibit whose visits to Dewees were precluded: Brucie Harry, Lesa Kastler, Diane Kliros, Allen Mitchell, Carey Sullivan, Larry Warren and others.

Waves continue to roll softly onto our beach, tides recede.  Today, at a distance, squeals of laughter from 2 small boys chased by dog and a mom. Sun and warm breezes abound.  On other days, the defying sound of silence surrounds us: the absence of neighbors.   Welcome awaits when you return.  Keep in touch.  Take care.  Stay safe.  

Anne Anderson for the Arts Council

‘Arla’s Art School’
Collage by Barbara McIntyre

‘The Fish that Swallowed the Fish that Swallowed the Sun’
by John Lundeen