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Arts Council Appoints Cassandra Baker McLeod as Curator of Huyler House Gallery

Dewees Island Arts Council

is pleased to announce its appointment of

Cassandra Baker McLeod, Curator Huyler House Gallery

Cassandra is a Dewees homeowner and retired Museum Arts Administration professional. She holds a BA in Classical Civilization from Queens University of Charlotte, and a MA in Art History/Renaissance & Baroque from the University of South Carolina Columbia.

Cassandra has served on the Arts Council as a team member for many years. As a volunteer Curator, she will select, edit and oversee the Arts Council’s exhibits and permanent art collection to benefit our island culture now and generations to come.

If you would like to refer a potential exhibit or donate artwork for the permanent collection please contact Cassandra at:  curator.deweesislandartscouncil@gmail.com

Committee Members: Diane Kliros (Chair), Cassandra McLeod (Curator) Anne Anderson, Claudia DeMayo, Ester Doyle, Brucie Harry, Low Harry, Susan Mashman, Barbara McIntyre, Cozy Mitchell, Jane Pasquini, Mary Reilly, Jane Savage, and Lisa Ward