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Architectural Resource Board

Task: The Architectural Resource Board (“ARB”) is a standing committee which serves as the duly appointed representative of the Board in the area of architectural review, and, as such, it shall be responsible for the review of all plans for construction, landscaping and external improvements to Property, and any changes to same, and shall have the functions, responsibilities and authorities as provided in the Covenants and as otherwise determined by the Board. The ARB shall also have responsibility for developing and administering, subject to Board approval, the policies and procedures set forth in the Dewees Island Architectural & Environmental Design Guidelines (“Architectural & Environmental Design Guidelines”) and to impose monetary or other sanctions for violations thereof.


David McIntyre, Chair
Dewees Island Phone: 843-886-3411
Cell: 843-822-2944
Email: demci40@aol.com 

Mark Beischel
Phone: 513-604-1628
Email: mark.beischel@gmail.com

Peter Cotton, Board Representative
Phone: 843-814-1872
Email: petercotto@gmail.com

Shelley Cooper
Phone: 904-553-1128
Email: sscooper2006@gmail.com

Brian Hann
Phone: 865-382-6061
Email: Brian@dewhirstproperties.com

Jim Henshaw
Phone:  843-991-9199
Email: jim@herlongarchitects.com

Alicia Reilly, Board Representative
Phone: 917-363-3157
Email: aliciajreilly@gmail.com

Catherine Weeks, Island Manager
Phone: 843-568-3991

Lori Sheridan Wilson,
Environmental Program Director & ARB Coordinator
Phone: (843) 568-3994
Email: lori@deweesislandsc.com

Committee Reports

May 2020