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Announcement from the Nominating Committee – November 21, 2018

November 21, 2018

Dear Fellow Property Owners,

It is already time for our POA membership to begin preparing for our Annual Meeting, which will be held on March 23, 2019. At the Annual Meeting, we will be voting for three positions for the POA Board of Directors. The POA Board has appointed a Nominating Committee whose charge is to find potential directors who have had experience on other boards, and in particular, have a financial background or have real estate and marketing experience.

Our Bylaws set December 15, 2018 as the deadline for proposing candidates to the Nominating Committee. For more information about candidacy, review the Guidelines for the Selection of Candidates. Any property owner who is in good standing is eligible to serve. We also would encourage younger POA members to stand for candidacy. Submissions can be made by email to any member of the Nominating Committee.

The Bylaws also require all candidates to submit a completed Nominating Form to the Committee no later then December 28, 2018, which is 90 days prior to the Annual Meeting. The Nominating Committee Form can be found here.

Dewees Island and our POA organization cannot operate without our volunteers. The Nominating Committee encourages you to help by committing a portion of your time for the benefit of the Dewees Community.


2018 Nominating Committee

David McIntyre, Chair

Low Harry

Jim Henshaw

Dershie McDevitt

Faith Schwaibold