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A Letter From Our Road Manager

Dear Dewees Island Community,

I would like to take this time to introduce myself.  My name is Lori Sheridan Wilson and I have been appointed as the new road manager on Dewees Island.  You may remember me from previous work on the Environmental Resource Board and the ARB.  Miles Arnette, the new Landscape Technician, will be preforming the bulk of the on the ground road work (in addition to his other responsibilities) with assistance and guidance from Peden, Ryan and Terry.  So, as your new road crew member I would like to pass along the following information.

What’s new?

We will be conducting a few test road areas in the coming weeks.  Sites will be marked with signage.  We will be experimenting with different road management techniques in these areas.  You may notice shoulder vegetation (grass) in some areas being removed and things may not look as green.  Please be patient and understand the roads may be a bit bumpier in some of the test areas in the short term as we try to improve the roads for the long term.  Our experiments may work or we may need to try other techniques.

How can you help keep the roads in good condition?

  • Please limit excess driving when the roads are wet. The more carts on wet roads means more ruts and bumps.  Yes, you do need to get to work and to the store but maybe it is not the best time to go sightseeing and rather stay home and kick back with a good book.  Roads cannot be graded until they are dry.
  • Change out aggressive tires for regular golf cart tires. Why?  When roads are wet the aggressive tire tread can cause greater damage to the roads than regular golf cart tires.

Anything else you should know about the roads?

  • As you are aware, Dewees Island is a very unique and special place. Our Conservation Agreement states no paving of roads; the sand roads on Dewees Island provide many environmental benefits such as helping to slow water runoff to help to preserve water quality.
  • There are over 200 golf carts on island.
  • Roads have to be completely dry before they can be graded. During new and full moon events it will take longer for the roads to dry out as well as cloudy days.
  • The annual rainfall in 2015 for the Charleston area was 74 inches!
  • As a staff person I am driving on the roads 5 days each week. I am aware of the same things you notice about the roads.  Please realize we are doing our best and have a few new ideas to try but at the end of the day our roads are sand/dirt roads and subject to environmental and human impacts.

Thanks and have a great day,