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Revisit Dewees! Complimentary Nights on Dewees for Lot Owners


10 Complimentary Nights in the HUYLER HOUSE


We’re making it easy for you to enjoy this valued added benefit of owning a Lot on Dewees.  Making it easy to fit a few days staycation on Dewees Island into your schedule. Now is the perfect time for respite on Island.

Crisp days, cool nights, warm waters for bare feet in the sand. Shellfish season is OPEN for harvesting clams and oysters for dinner: think oysters–steamed, baked or turned into oyster stew; think–clams over linguine, steamed or as chowder. Shrimp boats are still offering fresh catches! Trout, Flounder, Red Drum, Sheepshead–all yummy.  Eat local couldn’t be more meaningful!

The beach is yours alone! A light jacket, sunshine on your face, or a bike ride for a little more exercise! Think again if your first thought of Dewees is July 4th. This fall weather is a magical time.

Migrating birds have created a sanctuary for your personal enjoyment.  We have counted as many as 52 Roseate Spoonbills.  Uncountable White Pelicans huddle on a nearby hummock.  Lake Timicau hosts all varieties wading and shorebirds.   At evening, the trees around the Impoundment and Huyler House Pond are burdened with egrets and heron.

Whatever your personal favorite, don’t miss experiencing Dewees at her best!  It’s this easy:  email    vacations@dunesproperties.com   and reserve your dates today!  You must include your name, Lot number and contact information in the email.  Reservations will promptly get back with you for confirmation.

Terms and Conditions for Nights on Dewees: 

Each owner of an undeveloped lot may have use of one Huyler House room for a combined total of 10 Nights per year on Dewees Island for the cost of cleaning the room!  

The offer is for one room for a total of 10 nights per year per lot owned; nights may be taken consecutively, separately or combined for a group.  The only cost is a $75 cleaning per room for each visit.  Golf carts are optional and may be rented at $25 per day.

You may book whenever you wish, subject, of course, to availability.  Nights may not be transferred or gifted to other owners.

The year availability runs January 1st thru December 31st. 

This offer is available for all owners of undeveloped lots who are in good standing, current in all POA and Utility fees and assessments. Owners may include family and guests in the use of their complimentary nights; however, owners must be on island accompanying their guests.

As a recent headline in The Post and Courier proclaimed: “The World Falls in Love with Charleston.” You may wish to check out a day or a dinner in downtown Charleston during a stay on Island. It’s only a ferry ride away!

We’ll look forward to seeing you on island!