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Fish Art Exhibit: Call for Kids and Grownups!

Excitement builds toward the Arts Council’s Fish Art Presentation during the Dewees Island Annual Meeting Reception of March 20th @ 6:30pm in the Huyler House!  

It is not at all too late to answer the Call for Kids and Grownups to be involved!

Swim with the Tide

Samantha Castiller, colored pencil

We have already received paintings from a few young artists! Thanks to Samantha for this engaging drawing of a sheepshead under our dock!  We eagerly await receiving a dozen or so others that are reportedly in the drawing stages for entries into the DNR Global Fish Art Children’s Initiative.  All these paintings will be displayed in the Huyler House from March 20th thru March 27th when they will be mailed for competition.  We are thrilled with this response.  Hope this encourages all you adults reading this update to open this link for details and encourage any young person 6 – 18 to enjoy joining in!  You will be interested in reading about this world wide educational effort.  In addition, for a simpler way to be part of the Dewees exhibit, we are accepting paintings from kids who may not be interested in entering their drawings in the contest.  Just let us know of your interest and any artwork of any size that you would like to provide will be displayed in the Huyler House for your enjoyment.


The response from you “Grownups” is really fun!  We have new creative artworks In progress and are collecting existing art from owners collections that range from carved statues to handmade fishnets antique paintings to enhance our theme of educating ourselves about Fish Migrations, clean water and protection of fish habitats.  The overall exhibit will be in the Huyler House until April 7th for your enjoyment.  Some works will be for sale, some are display only.  Seems everyone has interest in this timely subject! 

We encourage you to become knowledgeable about the importance of clean global waters from the tiniest headwater stream to the rivers and deltas as they feed into our oceans and surround our very small Dewees Island.  

Happy to answer questions
Anne Anderson – alittledewees@gmail.com
Brucie Harry – brucieharry222@gmail.com
Dewees Council Arts Council