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Public Safety Open House & Cookout – June 29

Public Safety Day
Saturday, June 29
11:00AM – 2:00PM
Dewees Island Fire Station & Helipad

Bring your friends and family to learn about several public service agencies, including Meducare Air (MUSC), Charleston County Sheriff’s Office, City of Charleston Fire, Charleston County Rescue Squad, and Isle of Palms Fire Department. These agencies will bring information about their services and show off their equipment, boats and helicopter.

This is a good opportunity to show Dewees Island Public Safety’s apparatus, equipment, resources and plans for an emergency situation.

A lunch will be provided which will include hamburgers and hot dogs with all of the fixings, chips, a variety of desserts and beverages.

All families and children are encouraged to attend!

For more information, contact Chief McWethy.

Arts Council Presents Danielle Cather-Cohen – July 5

Dewees Island Arts Council


Danielle Cather –Cohen

“I strive for the essence of beauty – a dance with color”

Meet the Artist Friday July 5, 2019

5:30 PM

The Huyler House, Dewees Island, SC

Family & Friends Welcome!

The mission of the Dewees Island Arts Council is to further the appreciation of the arts on Dewees Island and beyond through a series of programs, exhibits, workshops, lectures and field trips. Committee Members: Diane Kliros (Chair), Anne Anderson, Claudia DeMayo, Ester Doyle, Brucie Harry, Low Harry, Susan Mashman, Barbara McIntyre, Cassandra McLeod, Cozy Mitchell, Jane Pasquini, Mary Reilly, Jane Savage, and Lisa Ward


Crab Pots, Cast Nets & Minnow Keepers/Traps

Dear Community,

The water is warming up and the fish and crabs are active.  Please remind your family and guests of the following good stewardship fishing practices on Dewees Island.

Crab Pots must be labeled with owner name and address, have a float and be set so it is not exposed at low tide as per SCDNR regulations.  A good time to set a crab pot is at low tide to ensure it is covered by water.

Crabs Pots should not be used in impounded waters because they can quickly harvest all crabs in the area, and it takes longer for them to repopulate interior wetlands.  Hand lines are welcome to be used in impounded waters and crab pots can be set in exterior waterways.

Check your crab pot once an hour to ensure there are no trapped Diamondback Terrapins or install a bycatch reduction device on your pot to help prevent turtles from entering your pot.  Diamondback Terrapins are brackish water turtles and can hold their breath for about 1 hour during the warm summer months.  They are listed as a high priority species of concern in South Carolina due to threats including habitat loss, sea level changes, car collisions and entrapment in crab pots.

All by-catch from cast nets should be dumped on exterior waterways and never from the crab dock (dying fish attract alligators).

Please make sure to set minnow keepers and traps well away from water control structures.  The changing tide can suck the trap into the structure.

Please throw cast nets near water control structures on the same side the water is flowing away from the structure.  Throwing cast nets on the same side the water is flowing to can cause the net to be sucked into the structure thereby tangling the net. 

There are hidden hazards at Chapel Pond Dock, Myrtle Dock, Lake Timicau Dock, the outside of the Old House Lagoon (Impoundment) spillway and the outside of the trunk near the Landings building.  Throwing nets in these locations will most likely result in a torn net or the loss of a net no matter the water direction.


Lori Sheridan Wilson,

Environmental Program Director & ARB Coordinator