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SEVERE WEATHER ALERT: Severe thunderstorms possible this afternoon and evening – Thursday 2/6

A strong line of severe thunderstorms is sweeping across the southeast today, and forecasters predict that these storms could have significant impact on our area from around 6:00pm until Midnight (Thursday 2/6).  Please check the local media outlets for the most current forecast. By mid to late afternoon, it is expected that a few thunderstorms could develop away from the coast. These thunderstorms have the potential to become severe and capable of producing wind damage or isolated tornadoes. 

It is extremely likely that the Thunderstorms will disrupt tonight’s ferry schedule.  Please call the ferry at 843-568-3990 for the most current run times, and plan your travel to the island allowing for the anticipated storms. 

Additionally, it is important to note that the Breeze is temporarily limited to transporting ONLY 6 passengers at a timeso it is extremely important to call ahead to the ferry when departing the island. 

During periods of strong wind, the Islander will not operate.  During lightning events, neither vessel will operate.

Next Book Club Meeting is Coming Up Feb 27!

FEBRUARY 27, 2020 – Educated: A Memoir. By Tara Westover (2018). Led by Cozy and Allen Mitchell. 

Will be held at the Huyler House, 6:30pm, BYOB and a heavy nibble to share for supper ~ fun to keep the book’s theme in mind when choosing your food 


MARCH 19, 2020 – SPECIAL BOOK CLUB meeting, at Ginny and Artus Moser’s house, to share favorite books. Come share your one favorite book you recommend to all. The night before the Annual POA weekend begins.

APRIL 23, 2020 – Madame Bovary. By Gustave Flaubert (1856). Led by Bubber McAlhany.

AUGUST 6, 2020 – Tell Me A Story: My Life With Pat Conroy, by Cassandra King (2019). Led by Alicia Reilly.

OCTOBER 8, 2020 – Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know about the People We Don’t Know. By Malcolm Gladwell. Led by Laura Davis and Gary McGraw.

If you would like to be on the email list for Book Club and/or suggest a book, please email Jane Pasquini at JJPasquini@aol.com.  Thank you.

Everyone is welcome!

Annual Meeting Update

Reminder to mark your calendars for March 20th and 21st

The annual meeting committee is busy planning a informational  fun filled weekend for 2020.  There will be great food, great company and a weekend to set aside for enjoying our beautiful island.  
The committee would like to determine if there is any need for an offering of children’s activities on Saturday morning during the annual meeting. There have been some years where adult supervised activities have been offered while parents attend the annual meeting.  We ask that anyone who would benefit from that program, please shoot an email to Shelley Cooper at sscooper2006@gmail.com with names and ages of the children?  This will help our planning to help support your attendance at the annual meeting.  
Also, we have the traditional oyster feast planned for Saturday after the annual meeting.  We are looking for at least two volunteers who would offer to bring  mac and cheese as a supplement to the chili alternative?  Please let Shelley know.  sscooper2006@gmail.com Thanks so much!