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Dock Repairs at Ferry Landing Next Week (Monday – Thursday)

We’d like to inform the Community we will be refurbishing the front dock at the Ferry Landings on Dewees beginning early next week (Monday – Thursday). We will do our best to be as little intrusive as possible during construction. The repairs will not impact ferry service. However, folks will have to walk along side the front dock to board and unload.

Thank you in advance for your patience!

Frequent Use of Heavy Equipment on Island | Remain Alert for Safety

Dear Owners,

With new construction, road repairs, and frequent trash removal on the island, our roads can be busy with heavy equipment. We’d like to remind our owners to always be cautious while driving.  When you see heavy equipment on the roads, please take a moment to drive your golf cart off to the side of the road to allow equipment to pass.

Although driving a golf cart seems harmless on a remote island, it is very important to always remain alert! Below are some additional safety reminders while driving:Slow down around curves and blind spots.
Do not assume equipment operators can see you.
Abide STOP signs.
Do not permit underage and unlicensed children to drive golf carts.
No texting while driving! Pull off to the side of the road, please. 

Thank you all for your efforts to help keep our roads safe!


Dewees Island POA