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Sea Turtle Genetics Display at Nature Center

The Dewees Island Sea Turtle Program has been participating in a research study at the University of Georgia since 2010.  One egg from each nest has been donated to the study from Loggerhead nests laid in northern Florida to North Carolina.  Maternal DNA is extracted from the egg; fresh eggs provide the most reliable results.  Data extracted from the eggs is used as a type of sea turtle censuses.  The data help scientists learn more about sea turtle behavior and nesting patterns such as how often do females nest each season, do they nest each year and do they return to the beach they hatched from to nest.  If you have named a sea turtle nest on Dewees Island and would like to learn more about its genetic story, please send the nest name and year to Lori.  Genetic stories will be featured at our Nature Center display.  Stop by the Landings Building Nature Center and check out our new display this weekend.

Display created by Tara, granddaughter of Dershie and Larry McDevitt.

Dewees Island Welcomes New Owners Monica and Chris Graff

Dear Owners,

Please help us extend a warm welcome to our newest owners Monica and Chris Graff, owners of Lot 8.







Monica Graff has lived in a lot of places, but she spent most of her adult life as a manuscript editor in Chicago, working for university presses nationwide. Her bookworm lifestyle, however, changed dramatically when she met Chris and he took her to live in the wilderness near Glacier National Park. In a yurt. With no running water, no indoor plumbing, and only a camp stove to cook on, she put down her red pen and picked up a black one to start recording the events of her new life (which she posted on her blog at https://postmarksbygraff.com). That was eight years ago. Nowadays, she divides her time between Montana (in a fully equipped cabin) and Manhattan, where she is regularly humbled by Mother Nature and humankind, not to mention the blank page, as she tries to pen a memoir (Lord help us all). In the meantime, she is downright giddy about becoming part of the community on Dewees Island, where she is sure many new adventures await.








Chris Graff grew up in a small Indiana town and a small Caribbean island. He started his first business at age eleven, then proceeded to launch several startups, many of which failed, but a few of which succeeded, mostly in manufacturing. Recently he’s been angel investing and mentoring young entrepreneurs. He also just wrapped up a contest in Manhattan to find the best ideas for using NYC trash as a raw material to manufacture a product to sell within the city, which has led to two startups. When not doing crazy business things, he enjoys his three adult children and first grandchild, fly fishing, and traveling (his goal is to visit all 194 countries on the planet, and he’s almost halfway there). He and his lovely wife, Monica, fancy live theater and trying new cuisine.